About me, in a nutshell……..

Since leaving school I have worked in different industrial companies, but in 2003 I felt the need to develop myself in a more creative way. I attended many different workshops until I met an artist. From her I learned the process of “intuitive painting”, a bang on the target!
Immediately, my love for this form of creativity was born….in one word: connection!  

                  ….and about my way of painting.

Natural and intuitive I start with placing on, and playing with, the colour. After that, I bring depth to the colour by applying light and dark from which form then arises. Then I start playing with the form. In addition to paint I also like to use different materials such as paper, sand, cane, bark etc. By using these, I can bring the form to life and deepen my work.
To increase my knowledge about materials and possibilities, I also attended drawing and painting lessons.  


For me painting means passion, cession, reflection, emotion and challenge but also confrontation and frustration, muddling through but eventually always…..connection! It also sets me in motion and a new meeting with myself ensues. For me it is a voyage of discovery and along the way I always experience lots of pleasure and surprise!



2003 – 2005      Studio “Artemisia” under the leadership of artist Sabine de Bruin-Dellepoort  (intuitive painting).
2005 – 2007      Workshops in France (intuitive painting).
2006 – 2009      Studio “Ludiek” under the leadership of artist Jolanda van Hattum (drawing-painting lessons).
                        (Paintings of i.a. this period you will find under “various”.)